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by polfilm on January 28, 2013

Collins consists of the core application, a set of client libraries, the collins-shell, and an automation toolchain. Nothing but collins core is required. Documented, consistent REST API Client API libraries in Ruby, Python and Bash A collins command line shell for scripting and automation A callback system for hooking into asset lifecycle events Multiple authentication […]

EC2 Demo of MCollective – Puppet Labs

by polfilm on January 9, 2013

The Marionette Collective AKA MCollective is a framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems. We’ve attempted to think out of the box a bit designing this system by not relying on central inventories and tools like SSH, we’re not simply a fancy SSH “for loop.” MCollective use modern tools like Publish Subscribe […]

Zenoss Core 4

by polfilm on November 20, 2012

Zenoss Core 4 is the most powerful open source IT monitoring solution in the industry. It offers unified monitoring of applications, servers, storage, networking, and virtualization providing the agentless collection of both availability and performance metrics. Additionally, Zenoss provides a high performance eventing system capable of handling 100 million + events per day that is […]