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Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows for rapid setup of network installation environments. It glues together and automates many associated Linux tasks so you do not have to hop between lots of various commands and applications when rolling out new systems, and, in some cases, changing existing ones. It can help with installation, DNS, DHCP, package updates, power management, configuration management orchestration, and much more.

Cobbler, kickstart, and PXE boot


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Collins consists of the core application, a set of client libraries, the collins-shell, and an automation toolchain. Nothing but collins core is required.

Documented, consistent REST API
Client API libraries in Ruby, Python and Bash
A collins command line shell for scripting and automation
A callback system for hooking into asset lifecycle events
Multiple authentication backends (LDAP, files, etc)
Per-feature and per-endpoint configurable permissions
Flexible Web and API based provisioning (PXE, SSH/grub/kickstart, API (e.g. AWS))
Power management support
IP Address allocation and management support
Support for running collins in distributed mode across multiple datacenters
Flexible data-model supporting multi-dimensional keys/values per asset
Simple key/value queries as well as a more advanced query language
A script engine for modifying collins behavior
Internationalized language support

The Foreman

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The Foreman is aimed to be a single address for all machines life cycle management.

Foreman Installation on CentOS 6 with EPEL

Ovirt Foreman UI Plugin

Blog Foreman

EC2 Demo of MCollective – Puppet Labs

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The Marionette Collective AKA MCollective is a framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems.

We’ve attempted to think out of the box a bit designing this system by not relying on central inventories and tools like SSH, we’re not simply a fancy SSH “for loop.” MCollective use modern tools like Publish Subscribe Middleware and modern philosophies like real time discovery of network resources using meta data and not hostnames. Delivering a very scalable and very fast parallel execution environment.