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By polfilm,
in /tmp
curl >
sudo bash

peter@ubuntu:~$ helm init
Creating /home/peter/.helm 
Creating /home/peter/.helm/repository 
Creating /home/peter/.helm/repository/cache 
Creating /home/peter/.helm/repository/local 
Creating /home/peter/.helm/plugins 
Creating /home/peter/.helm/starters 
Creating /home/peter/.helm/repository/repositories.yaml 
$HELM_HOME has been configured at /home/peter/.helm.

helm search
helm test
helm repo list
helm serve (--repo-path - but this is setup below already by init)

peter@ubuntu:~/.helm/repository$ cat repositories.yaml 
apiVersion: v1
generated: 2017-06-08T00:44:36.366334051+01:00
- caFile: ""
  cache: /home/peter/.helm/repository/cache/stable-index.yaml
  certFile: ""
  keyFile: ""
  name: stable
- caFile: ""
  cache: /home/peter/.helm/repository/cache/local-index.yaml
  certFile: ""
  keyFile: ""
  name: local

Git big file cleaner. Really cool, really easy.

By polfilm,

Example of use:

polfilm@petersmacbook2:~/git_madcore$ java -jar ../Downloads/bfg-1.12.14.jar  --strip-blobs-bigger-than 100M controlbox.git

Using repo : /Users/polfilm/git_madcore/controlbox.git

Scanning packfile for large blobs: 1749
Scanning packfile for large blobs completed in 61 ms.
Found 1 blob ids for large blobs - biggest=118360126 smallest=118360126
Total size (unpacked)=118360126
Found 149 objects to protect
Found 10 commit-pointing refs : HEAD, refs/heads/Denis-fix-chain, refs/heads/Denis-fix-ssl, ...

Protected commits

These are your protected commits, and so their contents will NOT be altered:

 * commit 1e3682a9 (protected by 'HEAD')


Found 432 commits
Cleaning commits:       100% (432/432)
Cleaning commits completed in 598 ms.

Updating 2 Refs

    Ref                      Before     After
    refs/heads/development | 3c08c456 | 38f9abd0
    refs/heads/master      | 1e3682a9 | 30931052

Updating references:    100% (2/2)
...Ref update completed in 59 ms.

Commit Tree-Dirt History

    Earliest                                              Latest
    |                                                          |

    D = dirty commits (file tree fixed)
    m = modified commits (commit message or parents changed)
    . = clean commits (no changes to file tree)

                            Before     After
    First modified commit | ad02cdfe | 327d6762
    Last dirty commit     | b6cf4f0b | 549a928f

Deleted files

    Filename                               Git id
    spark-examples-1.5.2-hadoop2.6.0.jar | 4d798227 (112.9 MB)

In total, 50 object ids were changed. Full details are logged here:


BFG run is complete! When ready, run: git reflog expire --expire=now --all && git gc --prune=now --aggressive

Has the BFG saved you time?  Support the BFG on BountySource:

Google Application Permissions

By polfilm,

See which apps have access to your Google account. Quickly revoke unwanted apps. Good for testing OAuth2.

Ruby 193 on Centos 6.6

By polfilm,
yum install -y centos-release-SCL
yum install -y ruby193
source /opt/rh/ruby193/enable
echo "source /opt/rh/ruby193/enable" | sudo tee -a /etc/profile.d/